Health & Safety

As product designers, we like to take hygiene as seriously as functionality. Developed as an office solution for a large number of end users, Kameleon collection is designed to protect everyone who steps in, at any moment.
The product research process happened to overlap with the most challenging period in recent history. Just like a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, a storming, unpredictable 2020 gave us valuable lessons on product hygiene and kept our attention at peak when it came to safety measures.
To safeguard health at the workplace, we used top-notch technologies like:

Antimicrobial paint

All metal parts in Kameleon booths are powder coated with a special antimicrobial paint.
Not only does this help preserve the aesthetic qualities of the materials for a longer period of time, but it also has an inhibitory effect on the growth of bacteria. Antimicrobial paint is non-toxic and resistant to washing, ensuring a safe environment in the long term.

Antimicrobial HPL

All tables are made from pine plywood and laminated with antimicrobial HPL in white or black satin finish. A durable surface material perfected with antimicrobial properties, the HPL we used for our Kameleon collection is yet another defense solution for the benefit of its users. Thanks to its non-porous texture, antimicrobial HPL prevents germs from spreading and is also very easy to clean.

High-performance ventilation systems

Clean air is essential and strongly related to performance and well being. A poor ventilation system can have a dramatic impact on health, especially in high-traffic places, like office buildings and commercial centers. Kameleon booths use high-performance ventilation systems that totally replace and filter the air inside every 54 seconds.

Air Ionizers

Kameleon booths use air ionizers that improve the quality of the air inside and ensure a better flow of oxygen to the brain. The negative ions generated through this system block dust, allergens and airborne bacteria, creating a feeling of fresh air. Altogether, this translates into better productivity.