Necessity is a
changing matter.
Only a Kameleon can
keep up with it.

We aimed to design the best consumer-friendly
product on the market. This meant that
our design must have the following attributes:
useful, versatile, flexible, safe, easy to transport,
install and move, environmentally responsible,
with a prompt delivery and a fair price.

All you need to do is focus!
Let us take care of all the rest that make a healthy workspace.

The air inside all Kameleon pods is ionized and filtered.
We use antimicrobial paint for all metal parts and
antimicrobial surfaces for table tops.

“God is in the details”

- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

A designer's purpose is to improve the quality of life.
After one and a half year of development, we think that
we have managed to deliver one of the best
products on the market.

Exchangeable exterior panel

You can choose new panels from a variety of shapes, finishes and colours which are available to view in our online configurator.


1 x Power outlet
2 x USB Type B
1 x CAT6 Ethernet socket

Left/Right Reversible opening door

When you install the frame, you can choose the door opening direction just by rotating it.

Airflow inlet & outlet

Our ventilation system is extremely performant through its high efficiency and very silent fans.

Power and ethernet outlets

The power supply and ethernet outlet can be easily connected at the bottom. Each booth comes equipped with a 5m power cord.

Ionized and Purified air

The air pushed into the cabin is filtered and sanitized with an air ionizer.

Tufted polyamide carpet

Soft carpet with a high level of comfort and higher noise insulation impact.

Acoustic Laminated Glass

12mm thick acoustic laminated glass ensures high soundproof performances.


Acoustic Felt Panels

12mm thick acoustic felt ensures with high soundproof performances.

Levelers + Wheels

All Kameleon booths come equipped with wheels and leveling feet. Whenever you want to move your booth, you can do it very easily.

Interchangeable interior panel

You can choose from a variety of finishes and colours through our online configurator. If you want to get other finishes, the panels can be easily changed.

Table tops

All table tops are made from pine plywood and laminated with antimicrobial HPL.

Add-on accessories

To ease your work, we have designed some accessories. They can be ordered all together or separately.

LED light

The overhead warm LED Lighting ensures enough light for common activities.

Motion sensor

The motion sensor activates the light and fans. After you leave the cabin, the ventilation stays on for 15 more minutes, making sure that all the air inside is fresh.

Magnetic Lock System

The magnetic lock system makes the daily usage more comfortable. The rubber gaskets help seal the door thus minimizing the noise coming from outside.

Door Damper

Allows for a smoother and more pleasant closing of the door


To maintain order for everything you have



Variation is key to evolution.
With Kameleon, you are free to virtually explore countless assembly possibilities. Thanks to the modular system, Kameleon K2, K4, K6, K7 acoustic booths can be configured according to your needs and effortlessly upgraded in time. You can use our online configurator and obtain more than 10000 variations of pods. Because the “skin” of the Kameleon booth can be changed very easily, you can always redesign your acoustic booth by ordering from us only the cover panels. Thanks to the modular design, you can easily switch from a 2 person booth to a 4 person or 6 person booth and vice-versa.


Fuse seamlessly just about anywhere, then change your Kameleon in an instant, based on necessities. The “chameleonic capability” is obtained due to our patented system of changing the exterior and interior panels, very quick and without tools. This allows us to obtain different visual looks on the same structural frame - from a sober, minimalistic look to a more joyfull or colorful look.

Working with a small space?

You can now opt for a Solid Back Panel for any of the Kameleon pods. Now you can place the acoustic cabin closer to a wall, to integrate it in a more natural way in spaces where a central placement would not be possible.The standard exterior solid back panels can be customized with all 18 mm finishes, while the PET felt interior panel helps in an overall better sound absorption.

Flexibility is the word that defines Kameleon collection

You can add accessories to the exterior panels of the cabins, to make them even more versatile. From pots for plants, shelves and hangers, various accessories can be placed on a perforated panel of the acoustic pod, to improve the overall experience of a modern workspace. If certain changes occur in the long term in the day to day activities or if users just need a small change of scenery, the accessories can be repositioned with ease, in entirely different areas, to refresh the look of the space and even serve a new purpose – extend the number of hangers to accommodate more clothes, create a green wall of plants or add more shelves for books or accessories needed inside the booth.

You can change your Kameleon booth’s appearance as easy as a chameleon does it in real life.

We used magnets for fixing the interior panels. So whenever you want to change the appearance of your Kameleon, you can do it very easily. Go to our online configurator, design your upgraded booth, save the link and send it to us. We will take care of the rest.


Efficient sound blocker Kameleon pods offer a perfect space to work privately or have phone calls. They will completely fade out even the loudest noises from your office, so that everyone can focus. When equipped with sound absorbing panels on the exterior, the pod becomes a veritable “noise catcher” for the whole office space.


Choose a safe and healthy isle in a building’s micro world. Our booths come with silent and very efficient ventilation and filtration systems. For extra safety, we fitted in the ventilation system an active, ozone free, air ionizer device which reduces the risk of infection. The air inside the booth is totally replaced, filtered and ionized every 54s.


Kameleon means time well spent for everyone, not only after the set up, but also before. You only need two people and four Allen Keys provided by us in the assembly kit. Less than 40
minutes and Kameleon K1 is ready for use!


We created Kameleon thinking about you and… common elevators. All Kameleon booths are shipped disassembled, making them very easy to be carried in elevators. K1, K2, K4, K6 fit in a 8 person elevator with interior dimensions of 1100 x 1400 x 2200mm (W x D X H) and an opening door dimension of 800 x 2000mm.


Changes of scenery ? Just get ready, Kameleon is designed for them. The booths come equipped with wheels and leveling feet, so whenever you want to move your pod, you can do
it very easily.


We made sure you can create the Kameleon you need. Our online configurator helps you personalize your pod according to your needs. With more than 10000 options available, you can customize your acoustic booth to fit perfectly in your space. At the end of the process, you
will know exactly the cost of it.


If chameleons are tree-huggers, Kameleon could only be just as friendly to the outside world. Almost all parts of Kameleon booths are recyclable. The interior panels of the booths are made from recycled PET felt, a soft, yet sturdy felt material. Durable in nature, PET felt offers great acoustic performance and can be recycled at the end of its life. The structure for the pods is made from wood and chipboard panels and the glass frames are made from aluminium and steel. Due to the fact that they are shipped flat-pack, Kameleon booths also have a low carbon footprint.