We are nature lovers, committed to protecting the world around us and minimizing our impact on the environment. As our name denotes it (in Romanian, “așchia” means a very small piece of wood), we remain humble in front of nature. Our mission is to always use resources responsibly and efficiently, for products that bring value in our lives and resist in time for generations to come.

Organizational culture

From brainstorming fresh design ideas to training new team members to work efficiently, being sustainable is a top priority in our production process.


We use high-quality, natural materials, locally sourced or imported from certified providers.

Flat pack design

To lower our carbon footprint, our products are designed and shipped flat-pack.


We used recycled PET felt for our Kameleon acoustic pods.


Nomad stool, launched in 2021, is our first upcycling product. You can read more here.

Energy efficiency

Our factory in Mizil is equipped with advanced technological tools that ensure optimal energy consumption in our production processes.