ASKIA at Clerkenwell Design Week

Let’s create a meaningful LINK at Clerkenwell Design Week!

We are happy to announce our participation in the upcoming Clerkenwell Design Week, where we can’t wait to showcase LINK, our latest collection of accessories created to complement and improve the Kameleon Collection.

First presented at Orgatec, where they received very good feedback from visitors, LINK accessories come in different shapes and sizes to demonstrate that a good space is not about stand-alone objects; it is about connection: by adding shelves, coat racks or even pots, the exterior panels of Kameleon booths exceed their initial role. They gain a new function and by this they improve the efficiency of not only a product – the booth,  but that of an entire office space.

Designed by our team at ARS, LINK is a range of storage modules that offer versatile and functional solutions for modern workspaces. They were developed based on a series of observations where one accessory led to another: first, ARS designers noticed that very often, Kameleon booths are positioned by architects and interior designers in a row, very close to each other, so they developed small connectors to better support this preference.

Second, the team realized that using the same system of connectors, various accessories can be created, giving these small elements a more important role in the overall dynamic of the booth. And indeed, they turned out to be real eye catchers!


Even if they were developed based on our acoustic booths different use case scenarios, LINK modules can be used to connect two or more booths. The result is a seamlessly linked interactive space, an efficient environment that optimizes day-to-day workflows.

If you happen to have Clerkenwell Design Week on your agenda, we would be delighted to have the chance to meet and exchange ideas with you at the event.  We will be at Stand DF 36, where our team will be eager to assist you with any questions and provide a personalized experience.

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