We listen to our users' needs

With the help of our research and design studio - ARS (AȘKIA Research Studio), we are always attentive to our users' needs. That's why we developed LINK, a storage system designed to enhance the use and efficiency of your space.

Perfectly aligned

By analyzing how the Kameleon cabins are positioned and used in workspaces, our team identified the need for alignment and organization within a system. Whether for individuals or larger capacities, Kameleon cabins are often placed next to each other. With the help of the cabin connection system - Kameleon LINK, we propose a more efficient use of space by attaching them together.

Harmonious and efficient space integration

By connecting the cabins with various storage elements available in the LINK system, we offer customers and architects the possibility to organize them more harmoniously and efficiently in their workspace, treating the entire structure as a piece of furniture.

A multitude of configurations

Just like Kameleon cabins, LINK storage elements are available in different sizes and finishes. They can be attached and detached from the structural frame of the cabins using the fastening system, according to your needs.

Designed by ARS