Designed and produced in Romania, with love.

K2+ is the bigger brother of the K2 booth. It can
accommodate slightly bigger meetings than K2
due to the fact that it is 20cm deeper.

Designed by ARS

Delivery time: 10-30 business days.

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For small spaces where a Kamelon K4 can't fit

Kamelon K2+ has hybrid dimensions. It’s the
bigger brother of Kameleon K2, but it’s smaller
then Kameleon K4.
We have designed K2+ for the clients who would
like to have a pod which can occasionally
accommodate 4 people, but don’t have sufficient
space to fit a Kameleon K4

We take safety seriously

Developed as an office solution for a large
number of end users, Kameleon collection is designed
to protect everyone who steps in, at any moment.
To ensure safety regardless of the numbers
of people inside a K2+, we used technologies
like antimicrobial paint, antimicrobial HPL,
high-performance ventilation systems, air
ionizers, and antimicrobial textiles.

We will share a secret with you.

You don’t have to worry about the direction of the
door opening. You can choose the direction when
you install it by just rotating the door frame.