Designed and produced in Romania, with love.

Design by ARS

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Escape for a brief moment

Chit-Chat is designed to provide efficient sound insulation in both noisy workspaces and public areas. This acoustic piece is easy to install on a wall and allows users to make phone calls in a calm and quiet environment without being disturbed by ambient noise.

A new member of the acoustic family

The collection of acoustic products expands with Chit-Chat, a new piece of furniture. You can install Chit-Chat on one of our Kameleon cabins, or individually using an adaptable fastening system. Its appearance will add a touch of originality to your space.

Your comfort is our priority

Thanks to its shape and wall composition, optimal acoustic performance is ensured. For efficient use, Chit-Chat is equipped with an ideal tabletop for taking notes or brainstorming.

Designed by ARS

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Weight 15 kg